As communicated for several months, the Church throughout the world has initiated a Synod Process. The Synod Process is designed to be a time of prayer and discernment, reaching out to those who currently participate in the Church’s life as well as those who do not. Locally, across our four Deaneries, we are having Diocesan Synod Process Prayer & Discernment Sessions at our Parishes, Missions and other West Tennessee locations. With that said, please take time for 30 minutes to listen to The Catholic Café Podcast with Deacon Jeff Drzycimski (Host) and Sam Mauck for an informative update our Diocesan Synod Process: TheCatholicCafeSynodProcess.

  • Sam Mauck is the Director of Evangelization & Faith Formation for our Diocese. This past Fall, Bishop Talley appointed him Chair of our Diocesan Synod Process Team. He is also President of Fishers of Men. He and his family attend Holy Rosary.
  • Deacon Jeff Drzycimski, host of The Catholic Café, is Director of Catechetical & Sacramental Formation for our Diocese and Head Coach of the St. Benedict at Auburndale Boys & Girls Championship Bowling Teams. He and his family attend St. Louis where he resides as a Deacon.
  • In the Podcast, Sam Mauck discuss how our Diocesan Synod Process Prayer & Discernment Sessions are part of a global, two-year Synod Process where Pope Francis hopes will reframe and renew a common journey forward.
  • However, some people may be unaware that it is actually very important for all to get involved in the Synod Process. Sam and our Diocesan Synod Team continue to work hard to make sure all parishioners and community members get to participate in the Sessions.
  • To learn more about The Catholic Café go to: CatholicCafe. Also, for more information and to register for one of our Prayer & Discernment Sessions, go to: SynodWebpage. All information and registration is on our Facebook, too. ¡Adelante! Going Forward Together, On Mission…That All May Be One (John 17:21)!
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