May 2, 2019- Kindergarten students, parents, and teachers at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School celebrated the marriage uniting the unique letter “Q” to the very special letter “U” at a quarter past 9 in the morning.  Since Q and U are always together, they were married so that they can be united forever.  This wedding was the culmination of several lessons about both letters, the sounds they make individually, and the combined sound they make.  These two letters need each other to make the combined sound of QU (Kwa) in words like quarterback, queen, quilt, quick, and quiz.  In addition, the kindergarten students made a quilt showcasing all the QU words they learned.  “This exquisite ceremony provided a fun and memorable way for young readers and spellers to remember the spelling rule of the letters Q and U,” said Mrs. Debbie Cassman, Kindergarten teacher.

The ceremony included two brides and two grooms and was officiated by Mr. Don Thompson.  A reception for the happy alphabet couple followed with wedding cake and juice boxes.

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