Beautiful Mass – All Souls Day and Sisters of the Poor Clares at Historic Calvary Cemetery

It was a wonderful All Souls Day Mass yesterday, Nov. 2, outdoors at our Historic Calvary Cemetery–which ended with a beautiful procession to the Sisters of the Poor Clares lot where the Gravestones of the Sisters and two of their favorite Priests were blessed.

Bishop Talley was the Celebrant and Homilist. He was joined by Bishop Emeritus Steib, Frs. Thomas, Francis, Peter, Michael and Fausta, Deacons Rick, Bill L. and Bill P. and a Seminarian and several other young Faithful men.

Also, the music was amazing, as usual. And, thank you Pat Posey for the beauty and care you and your team put into Calvary—exceptional.

The entire Holy Mass is on this Catholic Diocese of Memphis CDOMFacebook. God bless!

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