Chrism Mass is Tuesday of Holy Week, which is this coming Tuesday, March 30, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 7:00pm. Bishop Talley will join all the Priests of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis to celebrate the annual Mass–a celebration that includes the renewal of priestly promises and the blessing of oils. Please view the link: BishopTalleyChrismMass.

Attendance and Streaming

Usually everyone in our Memphis Diocese is invited to attend the Chrism Mass, but similar to last year due to the COVID-19, only our Priests and those Ministers necessary for the celebration of the Mass will attend. All Faithful across our Diocese will be able to follow the Mass through streaming it live on our CDOM Facebook, YouTube or Website (see below). The live feed will not start until five minutes before Mass time and, at that point, those who click on to one of the platforms will see the live indicator. Please share this information as the best disciples.





Promises and Blessing

Following the homily at the Chrism Mass, in the presence of Bishop Talley and Faithful online, our Priests will renew their commitment to the ministry to which they were ordained. It is similar to the renewal of wedding vows in front of family members, the Priests will be asked to repeat the promises taken at their ordination in the presence of the Catholic Faithful.

The vocation is a marriage to Christ and to the Church. It is important to any Priest to have the Faithful bear witness, to have everyone’s support and encouragement in our Ministry. Bishop Talley at one point will say “as for you dear sons and daughters pray for your Priests.” It is important for our Priests to know they have those prayers.

After the renewal, Bishop Talley will bless the three oils that will be used in celebrating the sacraments in our Memphis Diocese.

The first two oils: Oil of the Sick and Oil of the Catechumen are extra-virgin olive oil and are blessed.

The Oil of the Sick is used in anointing the head and hands of those who are seriously and chronically ill to give them spiritual strength to fight in their weakened condition.

The Oil of the Catechumens is used in the Sacrament of Baptism, meant to provide strength for discipleship.

The third oil–Sacred Chrism–is extra-virgin olive oil mixed with balsam. As part of consecrating Sacred Chrism, Bishop Talley breathes on the mixture, which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. When someone is anointed with Sacred Chrism they become one with Christ. It is used in Baptisms, Confirmations, Ordinations and the Dedication of a Church and Altar.

The Chrism Mass is tied to the Easter Triduum because the oils are used in the Easter Sacraments and it is the gathering of the Church as a whole community. It is the Church at its finest!

With both the renewal of priestly promises and the blessing and consecration of the oils, our Bishop, Priests and Faithful will rejoice in the gift of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis.

It will be a beautiful evening–One Church, One Family!

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