Stations of the Cross – Downtown Memphis Neighborhood – Good Friday


It is exciting to announce that on Good Friday (April 2) a more than 25 years of tradition with our St. Patrick Catholic Church will continue. Beginning at Noon on Good Friday, St. Patrick parishioners and many other faithful will walk the Stations of the Cross at historical and everyday landmarks throughout our downtown Memphis neighborhood (see attachment). Participants will need to arrive by 11:45am and follow all safety-health requirements. The Stations of the Cross tradition did not take place last year due to COVID-19.

The group will walk through our Memphis neighborhood carrying a cross, stopping at various points of interest related to social justice–to pray and reflect. The journey begins in the St. Patrick Annex parking lot and ends inside the St. Patrick Church. Station locations include the Civil Rights Museum, WLOK Radio, Clayborn Temple, Ida B. Wells Memorial, as well as other important sites. At the Twelfth Station, Jesus Dies on the Cross, the group will stop and pray at the Lorraine Hotel, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was martyred.

At each stop, the group will be led in reflection and in song as they process through the journey. It’s a unique tradition at St. Patrick, which provides a profound and deeply spiritual experience.

This is a very family-friendly event, so load up the baby slings and the strollers. A van will be available for those who would like to participate, but are unable to walk the route. Water will be available for all, as needed. Following the Stations of the Cross, please join St. Patrick parishioners for a Good Friday Church Service at 3:00pm.


For the Flyer, please CLICK HERE

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