Many groups give awards to various organizations and individuals throughout the year, but none appear to be specifically offered to those who show consistent acts of service.   Therefore, Faith West TN has initiated a “Person of the Year” award whereby anyone from the Diocese who has selflessly donated their time and talent to our Church and community will be recognized, with one person being named as Faith West TN Person of the Year.  The winner will be featured on the cover of the December issue of Faith West TN.

The Person of the Year will be an individual of integrity who lives out their faith by sharing his/her time and talent for the good of others.  Nominations for this award will be provided by individuals, parishes, and other Catholic organizations, providing the opportunity to recognize those who exemplify a quiet, humble dedication to the service of others.

Even though only one will be named “Person of the Year” all nominees will be recognized, with the winner featured on the December cover.

We are grateful for this opportunity to help recognize those in our Diocese for their time and dedication. Our hope is this event will  encourage all people in our Diocese to live a life of service to the Church and community.

To make a submission you can go HERE



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