Guiding Star Memphis is proud to present Wholistic Feminism, A Panel Discussion with Leah Jacobson on Saturday, Feb. 19, 10am-12pm in our St. Benedict at Auburndale’s Dining Hall. Leah is an Author and the Founder/CEO of Guiding Star Project, an organization that offers support and wholistic healthcare to women–mind, body, and spirit. The discussion will explain how to have a Pro-Life voice, especially here in Memphis, in the modern feminist movement. Her Leah’s book, Wholistic Feminism, will be available for purchase and book signing after the discussion. Also, joining the discussion will be Deacon Jeff Drzycimski, Director of Catechetical & Sacramental Formation for our Diocese, Host of the Catholic Café (CatholicCafe) and Head Coach of the St. Benedict at Auburndale Boys & Girls Bowling Teams. For the upcoming Guiding Star event, please register now at: GuidingStarEvent or email us: God Bless the Guiding Star Team!

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