ICCS Postcard Exchange

Immaculate Conception Cathedral School students in grades 5th through 8th recently started a classroom postcard exchange with students across the globe.  Students sent postcards to classrooms across the United States, and within a few weeks heard from international schools that asked to be included in the exchange.  “ICCS parents donated postcards and postage to get the process started,” Middle School teacher Sarah Bowers said. “From there it just took off.”

Using social media, Middle School teacher Miss Bowers has reached out internationally to connect with other teachers. “I’d love to establish relationships with teachers in foreign countries and use FaceTime to connect our classrooms,” she said.  Middle School students are currently creating postcards with pictures of themselves at popular Memphis attractions to mail to their counterparts in other cities and countries. “They are having so much fun with this,” Miss Bowers said.  

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