In the Company of Saints, by Amy Hall

Memphis, TN — There was a new aspect to this year’s observance of St. Anne on Highland’s Patron Saint’s Feast Day.

Patron Saints are an integral part of our Catholic tradition, so how does a parish celebrate a Patron Saint’s feast day?? My first impulse is to say, “with great abandon!!” But one thing is sure, that no matter how grand the celebration, the lasting memories that we as parishioners will hold dear are our impressions of how the Saints are revered and why they are so important in the life of the Church and for the parish.

As Catholics, we celebrate Saint Anne’s feast day July 26.
St. Anne lived until Jesus was 8 years old.  At 56, she died in the arms of her most beloved daughter Immaculate Mary. Jesus, Mary and Joseph assisted at her death.

St. Anne is the patroness of housewives, women in labor, cabinet makers and miners. Her emblem is a door. The tomb of Saint Anne and Saint Joachim was rediscovered in Jerusalem in 1889. There are many Shrines of Saint Anne. The most widely known is Saint Anne De Beaupre in Quebec, Canada. Many cures and miracles are attributed to her intercession.

St. Anne on Highland is fortunate to have such a wonderful saint as it’s patron and the parish celebrated this weekend just as it has been doing in recent years.  This year however was very special as today’s Mass had Bishop Talley as celebrant — and a congregation much larger than in the past.


After Mass, there was a reception for those in attendance.

Bishop Talley stayed per his usual to greet some of the congregation, and to visit with the wonderful parishioners of St. Anne.

Today let’s honor Saint Anne by remembering she is glorious among the Saints, not only as the mother of Mary, but because she gave Mary to God. We can all learn from her to reverence a religious vocation as the highest privilege, and to sacrifice every natural bond, however holy, at the call of God.

I know that today’s celebration is a treasure that the parishioners of St. Anne will cherish for years to come.

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