Just a Guy in the Pew Podcast with Keith Nester and John Edwards (Host) on Faith & Culture


As Advent Season enters into its third Sunday, let’s take time this evening or this weekend for one hour in the Pew with Keith Nester and John Edwards as they discuss faith and culture and share insights that Keith has gained as a Pastor, Youth Minister and Convert. This Podcast is another awesome and faith-filled episode of “Just a Guy in the Pew.”


·      Keith, who wrote the book “A Convert’s Guide to Roman Catholicism,” is a former Protestant Pastor who converted to Catholicism after a decade-long exploration of faith. He is the founder of “Down to Earth Ministries” and the “Catholic Feedback” Podcast. John is a parishioner at Holy Rosary Church, founder of Pew Ministries, co-founder of Virtual Catholic Conference and the host of “Just a Guy in the Pew.”


·      In this Podcast, Keith offers practical knowledge to help converts make the cultural transition from Protestant to Catholic. He admits there is no way to plan all steps in the process. If you have Jesus, the plan comes later, he promises. Tune in to learn individual conversion stories differ in timelines and motivations, the richness of Catholic traditions and reverence for scripture elevate spirituality and it’s important to listen to your heart and open your mind when contemplating conversion.


Are you ready to let go of the good to get to great? Then take a seat in the Pew and click a link below:


·      YouTube Link: JustaGuyinthePewNester

·      Podcast Audio: JustaGuyinthePewNester

To learn more about John’s Ministry go to: JustaGuyinthePew. God is great, always!

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