Beautiful Celebration of the Lunar New Year at Our Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Millions all over the world are celebrating the Lunar New Year. It is a time for family reunions and visiting friends and relatives, akin to Thanksgiving or Christmas even among non-Christians in the U.S. For Catholics, the Lunar New Year is celebrated almost as if it were a Feast day. Many go to Mass the night before or the morning of the first day to give thanks to God and celebrate the New Year with God’s blessings. Below are many wonderful photos from a recent Lunar New Year Mass (Feb. 14) at our Sacred Heart Catholic Church on Jefferson Ave. with Bishop David Talley, Fr. Simon Thoi Hoang and many others. Also, please see Sacred Heart’s informative Website and Facebook by clicking on the following links: SacredHeartMemphisWebsite and SacredHeartMemphFacebook

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