Penance Services in March


As part of our spiritual practices connected to our CDOM 50th Anniversary and the Lenten season, Penance Services are being offered at a Parish location in each of our Four Deaneries listed below with dates and time. Bishop Talley will be at each service along with the Dean of that Deanery and the Priests from that Deanery.

·       Monday, March 1, 7:00pm – St. Louis (Central Deanery – Fr. Joey Kaump, Dean)

·       Thursday, March 4, 7:00pm – Cathedral-Immaculate Conception (Western Deanery – Fr. Stephen Kenny, Dean)

·       Monday, March 15, 7:00pm – Immaculate Conception-Union City (Northern Deanery – Fr. Robert Ballman, Dean)

·       Monday, March 22, 7:00pm – St. Mary-Jackson (South Eastern Deanery – Fr. David Graham, Dean)

All attending each Penance Service are asked to please arrive by the designated time (7:00pm). All health-safety requirements will be followed at each service. For those unable to attend in person, each service will be live-streamed on the Parish Facebook, YouTube and/or Website up to when we begin individual Confession and Absolution. Also, as you may know, individual Confession and Absolution in person is required to receive the Sacrament. If you are unable to attend, please schedule a time with your Parish Priest.  

Other CDOM 50th Anniversary Events in 2021: Start of Memphis Diocese Masses (May 26, 7pm, Cathedral & May 27, 7pm, St. Mary-Jackson), Community Service Activities (June), Multi-Cultural Festivals (Aug.-Sept.), Eucharistic Congress (Oct. 8-9), Special Concerts (Nov.) and End of Anniversary Masses (Nov.). Please click on the following link for specific dates and time of events in our monthly calendar and schedule list: CDOM50Years.

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