With the recent national focus on child abuse and trafficking as highlighted in many media sources including the recent summer film, Sound of Freedom, child safety in all environments has been on the minds of many of us. In response, our Diocese is making it a goal to share monthly articles written by our Catholic led training program, VIRTUS, on the risks of child abuse and methods to eliminate it.

VIRTUS, led by The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc., aims to eliminate abuse of children in our Catholic communities by providing training on the warning signs and proper procedures when faced with such injustices. To be an employee or volunteer in any environment that involves children in our Catholic communities across West Tennessee, one must attend the VIRTUS training. In addition to the formal training sessions, VIRTUS creates articles to supplement one’s training. Our Diocese feels it is important for all parish members to have access to this free set of resources, so that we are fully prepared to provide the protection our children need.

Our Diocese will share VIRTUS articles at the beginning of each month. Let’s take the time to read each article and participate in a VIRTUS training session when required. Click here to read the article.

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