Second Week of Advent Season and an Advent Prayer

As we pray through the second week of Advent season (Dec. 5 – Dec. 11), let’s remind each other that Advent is a time of preparation for the celebration of Our Lord’s birth. It is a time to celebrate the way in which our Lord comes into our lives every day. And, it is a time to look forward in hope to the second coming of Jesus in his glory. Advent is celebrated with the lighting of an Wreath, comprised of one rose and three purple candles. Like last weekend, candles are lit progressively each week with the rose candle lit on the third Sunday.

For more information on Advent, click the following link: USCCBAdvent.

Here’s an Advent Prayer:

We long for your coming, Lord Jesus. Our hearts are empty until you fill them with your presence. As we prepare to celebrate the feast of your historical coming, fill us with your Spirit so that we may be prepared for your Second Coming, when we will enjoy your presence forever. Amen.

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