Special Edition of Faith West TN Dedicated to the Poor Clare’s Available Now

Memphis, TN by Amy Hall


“Concealed behind tall brick walls and strong iron gates in a struggling Memphis neighborhood, nuns have been quietly praying for our city and its people since 1932.

Few people have been behind the walls of this monastery.  The silent and prayerful lives of these women remained a mystery to most outsiders. But they do have friends.  The many friends of the Monastery of St. Clare, are a loyal group of followers who have supported them in every way you can imagine, only asking for prayer in return.”

Walk with us as Karen Focht, photojournalist, takes us into their everyday personal lives in a special edition of Faith West TN dedicated to the Poor Clare’s.  This is an issue you will want to have as we remember their legacy.

You’ll hear of the many relics and for just a moment hear from the ones left what their life was like.

This issue is special to us, and we waited to release it until their departure.  It offers the most comprehensive photographic documentation of the apostolic work and prayer life of the ones behind the tall brick walls of the Monastery of St. Clare yet published.

To receive your issue, please click here (and look for the line item that says “FAITH West TN Magazine Click REGISTER to SUBSCRIBE), or reach out via email to amy.hall@cc.cdom.org.  We have made it possible for your purchase of the Poor Clare special edition include to include a full year of Faith West thanks to a private parishioner of our diocese. We ordered a limited amount so please don’t hesitate to claim yours today.

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