Virus forces Catholic Cemeteries of Memphis to Implement Restrictions, by Amy Hall

MEM, TN – Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of  Memphis announced they have changed their operations due to COVID-19, including suspending vigils, funeral masses and weekly masses.

On any given day, families can be seen paying their respects to loved ones at the Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Memphis.  Catholic Cemeteries are just a part of the cemeteries across the U.S. making changes due to new regulations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and limiting large gatherings.

“We have now limited committal services, burial services if you will, to a maximum of 10 family members. So we are limiting the size,” said Pat Posey, Director of Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Memphis.  Posey went on to say they have implemented changes by asking some staff members to work from home and even cancelling the popularly attended Easter Sunrise Mass which is held annually at Calvary Catholic Cemetery.

Several other cemeteries as well as churches and funeral homes across the region are implementing similar changes to prevent the spread of COVID- 19.

Posey said it’s unclear what effect COVID-19 will have on the cemeteries in the long run.  “We know that short-term, we do believe it will impact us financially,” he said.

They are now working with families, who not only have to worry about the virus but also laying their loved ones to rest.

To read the statement from the Catholic Cemeteries Office of the Diocese of Memphis, CLICK HERE and to go to the Catholic Cemeteries Webpage, CLICK HERE.

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