Just a Guy in the Pew Podcast with Sonja Corbitt and John Edwards

Let’s spend about 50 mins. in the Pew with Sonja Corbitt and John Edwards as they talk about the transformational power of scripture. This Podcast is another excellent episode of Just a Guy in the Pew.

·     Sonja is one of the country’s most exciting Catholic evangelists and authors. As the founder of Bible Study Evangelista, she transformed her life and overcame anger through daily scripture readings and prayer. Sonja now teaches others how to unlock the beauty of The Word in their own lives. John is a parishioner at Holy Rosary, founder of Pew Ministries, co-founder of Virtual Catholic Conference and the host of Just a Guy in the Pew.

·     A natural storyteller and convert to Catholicism, Sonja shows listeners how daily Bible readings can draw them closer to God, break patterns of sin and bring a sense of control back into their lives. In this episode, we learn from Sonja and John that daily readings from the lectionary are the Holy Spirit’s voice to the whole Church; Mary, Mother of the Church, teaches us how to pray; and scripture study helps readers unlock a sacred and personal dialogue with God.

·     Are you ready to explore the transformational power of scripture? Then relax, take a seat and click on a link below:



YouTube Link: JustaGuyinthePewSonjaCorbitt

Podcast Audio:JustaGuyinthePewSonjaCorbitt

To learn more about John’s ministry go to: JustaGuyinthePew.

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